Unite China 2014


Recently I’ve been focusing on Unity3D mobile game development when I heard about this Unity’s developers conference to be held in Beijing. Lucky that I got a free ticket from a friend of mine who happens to work for CSDN, which is also one of the hosts of this conference. There’re some very informative sessions on Unity game development and Unity 5 new features. Also there is a real-time motion capture dancing show, which is impressive and much beyond my expectations.

Following are some points that impressed me the most.

Session #1 Development, management and publishing strategies for Unity projects
Of all aspects, art resources influences the whole project the most.
There should be tools or scripts for validating art resources.
When seeking optimization, more time should be focused on CPU / logic parts than GPU / shaders.
Different aspects regarding code architecture should be based on project targets and aims, such as whether use incremental update or not, whether the size of installation package should be strictly restricted, whether the game should support low-end mobile devices, etc.
Regarding memory management, reducing texture sizes is always the most effective way, noting there’ll always be trade-off between art effects and program performance.
The new asset bundle feature is an optimized way of handling resources.
Try not to dispose frequently used UI resources when going through different scenes.
Multi-threading on loading assets might cause drops on performance, so choose the number of threads wisely.
Use of legacy particle systems is depreciated.

– to be continued